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9/11 Memorial

Image courtesy of Squared Design Lab

I didn’t know a New York without the World Trade Center; I grew up in the city using the Twin Towers as a navigational marker, helping to orient myself after emerging from the subway. When the planes flew into the buildings, none of us thought it would be possible that the buildings wouldn’t survive, it seemed inconceivable. For nine years it felt like a hole was in the downtown skyline of New York. I needed to use other buildings as a compass. It’s difficult for me now to go anywhere near Ground Zero and even more difficult to watch tourists take pictures of what once existed there. I know people flock there to view the 9/11 Memorial reflecting pools, which are inscribed with the names of the victims from both the 1993 and 2001 attacks. I don’t think I’m ready to see all those names yet. Just recently as I ascended from the subway, I instinctively looked around to see where north and south was and I caught sight of the almost complete 1 World Trade Center building. I know life goes on, there will always be change, yet, I miss looking at my Twin Towers.