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Marriage: A Human Right

It may soon be legal for same-sex couples to marry in New York state and it brings to mind an episode of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List from a couple of years ago. In the episode, Kathy was going door-to-door encouraging people to vote no on California Proposition 8 which would eliminate the right of same-sex couples to marry.

While canvassing, she came upon a black woman working in her front garden (min. 8:15). Kathy asked the woman if and how she voted on Prop 8 and why. The woman said she voted against gay marriage because of what it says in the Bible and she knows that with a civil union they would have the same rights as a married couple. Kathy pointed out that there are 1,000 rights that civil unions do not guarantee and then compared gay people not having the right to get married to interracial couples not having the right to get married (until 1967, in many states.) I swear, you could see the light slowly turn on (like a compact bulb) over her head as she shifted her perspective. Kathy smiled and said she hoped she would think about voting no on Prop 8 when next it came up on the ballot. It is insane to me that there is even a “debate” about marriage equality. The right of consenting adults to marry is a basic human right.