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Standing Strong for Reproductive Rights

By Sheryl Wright

For those of us who believe in a woman’s right to obtain a safe and legal abortion, the push by state legislatures throughout the country to restrict women’s reproductive rights is disturbing to say the least. But in a welcome turn of events last night, those legislative efforts hit a wall in the great state of Texas. AP PhotoAt close to midnight (CMT), Texas state Senator Wendy Davis (D) ended an 11-hour filibuster which made it possible to halt the Republicans attempt to pass Texas Senate Bill 5 (SB5)—legislation that would ban abortions after 20 weeks and close 37 of the 42 clinics in the state.

40 years have passed since Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion in the U.S. The abortion debate started many years before the Court’s ruling, and what has happened since 1973 shows that pro-life advocates were not deterred. Through the work of pro-life groups and their legislative allies, access to abortions hangs in the balance in Mississippi, Arkansas, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming—states with only one remaining facility that provides abortion services. Unable to make abortions illegal, the anti-reproductive rights folks are more than happy to create abortion-free state[s] by making it impossible for providers to operate within their states—despite having the lowest abortion rate in the country and only one clinic, legislators and activists in Mississippi continue to push for additional anti-choice measures.

Like those in Mississippi, it’s unlikely that Texas Republicans have given up on their attempt to pass “the most restrictive abortion law the state has ever seen, and one of the most restrictive in the country.” After acknowledging defeat, Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst (R) said, “It’s been fun. See you soon.” In the meantime as Texas Republicans plan their comeback, those who stand on the side of a woman’s right to obtain a safe and legal abortion have reason to be encouraged for the battles ahead.

Thank you to Senator Davis and to all of the Texans who showed up and spoke out in support of women’s reproductive rights! It was an awesome example of the power of the people’s voices. 



A Dangerous Act

Setting: A married couple sits down to eat dinner while in the background, the evening news can be heard on a television.

Wife: Honey, with all the recent news about contraception, it got me thinking, and my gosh, I do believe I’ve discovered a practice that has had far more devastating effects than any pill on the destruction of human life.

Husband: Really?

Wife: Yes. I know of a far more dangerous act, it’s insidious, deadly and occurs more frequently than the number of abortions being performed in a single year!

Husband: My God, what is it?

Wife: Male masturbation. I think it should be considered a criminal act.

Husband (spitting out his beer): Whoa! What an outrageous thing to propose. How can you...

Wife: Wait, hear me out. Male masturbation kills thousands of potential babies every time a man engages in that act. A woman can pleasure herself and never compromise her ovaries even if she reaches an orgasm, while with men, each ejaculation is aborting potential life. At this very second, hundreds, thousands of men are climaxing through masturbation, robbing a woman of the right to get pregnant and create new life. Male masturbation is an epidemic and something must be done about it.

Husband: Ok, ok. Take a deep breath Dear and slow down. Let’s no lose our heads here...

Wife: You’re right, we can’t arrest every single man who masturbates. Perhaps a person can invent a device that could be placed at the base of the penis with some motion detector that can sense when a fisted hand is enclosed and ready to stroke. Oh, maybe when that happens, the devise sends an electric shock, like a taser! This would deter men from masturbating and only climax when it’s for procreating purposes.

Husband: Are you mad, woman? How can you suggest such a thing? A man has a right to privacy with regard to his own body. Electric shock? That is inhumane and quite frankly I’m appalled that you would even suggest that we criminalize what a man does with his body?

Wife: Really, you are appalled? I think the potential life that is wasted when men masturbate should be granted “personhood.” Women need to speak for the voiceless and it is quite clear that men are incapable of abstaining from masturbation, so measures must be put in place for the pro-life cause. Don’t worry, once men understand that this device is pro-life, I am confident they will agree to sacrificing their privacy and forgo having control over their own bodies.