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Speaking Up on “The Apprentice”

I read this on my Twitter feed a moment ago:


i'd respect @ & @more if they publicly rebuked Trump's anti-Obama ugliness  

That would be amazing and powerful! If Star Jones and Lil’ Jon fucked the frail shit (to borrow a lyric from Jada Kiss’s We Gon Make It)! Although I’m not a fan of Star Jones, I’m sure that she could come up with a sharp and eloquently delivered statement and Lil’ Jon could top it off with a Ye-ah!” or O-K! And then they could turn around and walk off the set. Bam! I’m dreaming, I know, but let me just enjoy it for a moment.


Unnecessary Roughness

I thought it was in poor taste when Gwyneth Paltrow used the vulgar “c**t” word to describe her grandmother on Chelsea Handler’s night chat show. Hey, I get it. There are members of my family that I’m not great fans of, but to go on national television and use such a horrible word to describe your grandmother. What would your father say about that?

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