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Junot Shows Our Girl Octavia Some Love

Photo by Beth GwennBy Lucinda Holt

 I’ve recently developed an especially soft spot for Junot Diaz. In an interview with The New York Times yesterday, he was asked which three writers he would invite to a dinner party of writers. Of course there are many, many writers he could have chosen, but I was delighted that one of the writers was Octavia Butler—a woman full of pickaninny spirit if there ever was one. Junot had this to say:

“Octavia Butler because she’s my personal hero, helped give the African Diaspora a future (albeit a future nearly as dark as our past) and because I’d love to see her again.”

Oh, Junot, any man who calls Octavia Butler his “personal hero” is alright with me. Any Dominican man who acknowledges and—dare I say—embraces being part of the African diaspora is alright with me. And I’m not mad at anyone who would love to see our beloved Octavia Butler again. I would, too.