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Ms. Wright Goes to Washington

By Sheryl Wright

Despite their pledge during the 2010 mid-term election campaign to focus on jobs,Republicans have used their majority in the House to push abortion to the front of the Congressional agenda. On January 7, 2011, Congressman Mike Pence introduced H.R. 217(the Pence Amendment).


Bachmann Spiking the Tea

By Karima E. Rustin

One of the many things I look forward to on a Saturday morning  is reading The New York Times. And who do I see prominently figuring at the beginning of the column but Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN)...damn, not Bachmann again!


The Politics of Union Envy 

By Sheryl Wright

Neither of my parents went to college, but both were union members—my father in the private sector and my mother in the public. In addition to their salaries, which allowed them to provide a comfortable life for our family, the benefits won by their respective unions


Roundtable: Delegitimizing Obama–The Intersection of Gender, Power & Politics  

Sheryl: Almost 800 days in office and it seems every day is seen as an opportunity for renewed criticism of the President. The latest kerfuffle is around the claim that President Obama’s decision to involve the U.S. in the action in Libya





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Where Are the Jobs?... Republicans Know Government Spending Is the Answer

By Sheryl Wright

Last week, I participated in a Rebuild the Dream/MoveOn Jobs Not Cuts rally at the office of Tea Party Republican Congressman Michael Grimm in Brooklyn, NY. Since the start of the 2011 congressional term, politicians and the mainstream media have ceded to the demands of tea partiers, like Congressman Grimm, who have called for a focus on debt and deficit reduction. In recent polls, however, the American people have expressed the desire that Congress and the President focus on job creation. Contrary to tea partiers’ claims, Republican pollsters attributed the Republican takeover of the House in the 2010 midterm elections to their promise to focus on jobs. So far this year, House Republicans have simply dusted off their failed policy prescriptions of cutting taxes and regulations in answer to the call for job creation, and Senate Republicans persist in their efforts to limit Democratic Senators’ ability to pass legislation that will stimulate job growth.

Congressional Republicans, particularly Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (MN) who has thrown her hat into the Republican presidential primary ring, continue to attack the Obama stimulus program despite proof that it was successful in saving and creating jobs. For ideological purposes and, perhaps most cynically, to regain control of the White House, Republicans are refusing to support government spending that they know will create jobs. How do we know they know? Rachel Maddow pointed to the several hundred letters that Congressional Republicans sent to the Obama administration requesting stimulus money to fund projects in their home districts which the Republican lawmakers themselves described as jobs creators. She also spoke with Washington Monthly’s Steve Benen about his pitch to the White House to spur Republican support for stimulus spending. In his piece, Benen urges the president to announce that he will provide funding for all of the projects that Republican lawmakers submitted to the White House while they publicy proclaimed that any further government spending was bad for the economy. 

GOP stimulus hypocrisy is not new news. Even though they believed the stimulus bill would create jobs, Congressional Republicans voted against it—unanimously in the House and almost unanimously in the Senate—in order to score political points with their tea party base. During an appearance at a House Republican retreat in January 2010, President Obama called them out on their duplicitousness.

It is beyond shameful that Republicans, in an attempt to make President Obama a one-term president, are willing to lie to the public about what government can do to improve the economy. Unfortunately misleading Republican rhetoric about the stimulus doesn’t just affect President Obama’s reelection prospects; the ramifications go far beyond a single election. By muddling the public’s understanding of the important role government plays in creating an economy which betters the everyday lives of ordinary working people, Republicans are steadily weakening the federal government’s ability to serve all of the people.

Where are the jobs? We need to do our part to let Republicans and the Tea Party know that we know the truth.