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Ms. Wright Goes to Washington

By Sheryl Wright

Despite their pledge during the 2010 mid-term election campaign to focus on jobs,Republicans have used their majority in the House to push abortion to the front of the Congressional agenda. On January 7, 2011, Congressman Mike Pence introduced H.R. 217(the Pence Amendment).


Bachmann Spiking the Tea

By Karima E. Rustin

One of the many things I look forward to on a Saturday morning  is reading The New York Times. And who do I see prominently figuring at the beginning of the column but Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN)...damn, not Bachmann again!


The Politics of Union Envy 

By Sheryl Wright

Neither of my parents went to college, but both were union members—my father in the private sector and my mother in the public. In addition to their salaries, which allowed them to provide a comfortable life for our family, the benefits won by their respective unions


Roundtable: Delegitimizing Obama–The Intersection of Gender, Power & Politics  

Sheryl: Almost 800 days in office and it seems every day is seen as an opportunity for renewed criticism of the President. The latest kerfuffle is around the claim that President Obama’s decision to involve the U.S. in the action in Libya





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Standing With Planned Parenthood

By Sheryl Wright

 Photography by Chris La Putt ©2011 at Brooklyn Vegan

“Keep your rosaries off my ovaries” is my favorite chant from the rally I attended on Saturday in support of Planned Parenthood. Walking to the Planned Parenthood rally with hundreds of fellow rally goers who had also come out in support of the ongoing Wisconsin labor protests, I felt an enormous release in having an opportunity to physically demonstrate what I believe in. Along with at least 5,000 other like-minded men and women, I stood in Foley Square in Manhattan to express my vehement opposition to the Congressional amendment passed on February 18th to cut off federal funding for organization. The Republican-controlled House agenda is to turn back the clock to a time of “back alley” abortions and seven day work weeks. The vote to defund Planned Parenthood is just another shot in their attempt to circumvent Roe V. Wade by eliminating women’s access to abortion services. Anti-abortioners claim to be concerned about the lives of the unborn, and whether that is true or not, state control of women’s’ reproductive choices strips women of their ability to control their own lives. I tend to believe that leaving women to their own devices causes great anxiety for many right-wing conservatives.

I strongly believe in a woman’s right to choose, but Planned Parenthood provides much more than abortions. It is the nation’s leading provider of women’s health services. Millions of middle- and low-income women turn to Planned Parenthood for their STD, HIV and cancer screenings as well as for their contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and counseling. One speaker spoke of how she went to Planned Parenthood for a Pap smear when she did not have health insurance,

As I was leaving the rally and putting away my NOW “Stop the war on women” placard, I passed four anti-abortioners being led by a man. Each held on to a banner. I can’t recall what it said, but I immediately turned to face them with my sign in front of me and thought, What idiots! The effort to defund Planned Parenthood is outrageous, and I am ready to get out in the streets as many times as it takes to ensure that it is stopped.