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This Juneteenth

By Lydia Holt 

You can’t talk about Juneteenth without first talking about the Emancipation Proclamation. Abraham Lincoln was primarily looking to “stick it” to the South by signing this document. It proclaimed all slaves in the rebelling states free. Read more...

Bradley Manning, WikiLeaks, and the Government's Response

By Sheryl Wright

Bradley Manning, the army private accused of releasing government documents to WikiLeaks, is facing 22 additional charges, including "aiding the enemy...through indirect means.” I agree with those quoted in the article who believe that this particular charge is setting up a dangerous precedent.


Roundtable: America—Sweden’s Sweatshop

Sheryl: In a bit of irony, the U.S. is developing an unexpected reputation within the corporate world. Recent stories about an Ikea plant in Virginia indicate the United States—much like Bangladesh, Vietnam, China, and Honduras—is now seen as a preferred destination for corporations in search of lower production costs. Read more...




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Our 54 Picks for #blacktweepsdoinggood 


twitter icon by antonistThe Pickaninny Papers and The Blacktivist have compiled this list of overlooked tweetizens doing the work of celebrating, organizing, motivating, documenting, creating, and giving back to black Americans in 2011. We’re looking forward to seeing what they do next in 2012!
If your favorites didn’t make the list, tell us in the comments below or on Twitter 
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