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Scrap Papers: Black Excellence

Photo courtesy of Book for Keeps

By Karima E. Rustin

Malcolm Mitchell, a 24-year-old rookie wide receiver for the New England Patriots, assisted New England in coming back from a 28-3 deficit to win the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons, and take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. While his teammates are reveling in their shared victory, Malcolm achieved another victory most people don’t know about. A victory he is more proud of than a Super Bowl ring.


The Pickaninnies March on Washington

By Lydia Holt



Perhaps it was a subconscious act of self preservation, but in the months and weeks leading up to the 2016 presidential election, I had convinced myself that America would elect Hillary Clinton as our 45th president--that we had no other viable option. If her opponent were elected it would be disastrous and to maintain my sanity, I firmly believed that we would come through the election with a capable and sane president. When I woke up to the reality of our now 45th, I damn near had a panic attack. Continue reading...

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Scrap Papers: Face Off—George Zimmerman Versus Trayvon Martin

When I first saw the March 23rd article describing former neighbors’ accounts of George Zimmerman’s strict religious upbringing and details about his employment, I wasn’t surprised. However, when I saw the accompanying photo of a clean-cut, smiling George Zimmerman in a suit and tie—an image much different from the familiar scruffy-faced mug shot shown over the past few weeks—the alarm bells went off. Read more...


Let’s Have That Conversation!: A Pickaninny Podcast

The Pickaninnies are talking bias this week, including the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin and the murder of Shaima Alawadi. All that talk of evil in the world also got them talking about self-care, health care and community care. The Pickaninnies know well that the best way to deal with what's wrong in the world is to take action. The ladies discussed the We Are Women March and the upcoming Sex::Tech 2012 Conference in San Francisco, CA. Listen in...


Let’s Have That Conversation!: A Pickaninny Podcast

In this first episode of “Let’s Have That Conversation: A Pickaninny Podcast,” the editorial collective talks about what inspired them to start The Pickaninny Papers. They also weigh in on Rush Limbaugh and birth control, The Lorax and parenting. Listen in...


Scrap Papers: A Dangerous Act

Setting: A married couple sits down to eat dinner, while in the background the evening news can be heard on a television.

Wife: Honey, with all the recent news about contraception, it got me thinking, and my gosh, I do believe I’ve discovered a practice that has had far more devastating effects than any pill on the destruction of human life.

Husband: Really?

Wife: Yes. I know of a far more dangerous act, it’s insidious, deadly and occurs more frequently than the number of abortions being performed in a single year!

Husband: My God, what is it?



Happy New Year From The Pickaninny Papers!

Gestation by Lydia Holt

What will you give birth to in 2012?

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