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Scrap Papers: Junot Shows Our Girl Octavia Some Love
By Lucinda Holt
I’ve recently developed an especially soft spot for Junot Diaz. In an interview withThe New York Times yesterday, he was asked which three writers he would invite to a dinner party of writers. Of course there are many, many writers he could have chosen, but I was delighted that one of the writers was Octavia Butler— Read more...


National: Military Weapons for All?
By Lucinda Holt
I grew up in Texas—a state proud of its gun culture and steeped in the belief that one is not truly free unless one has the right to protect him-or herself with a gun. But I’ve never fired a gun or even held one in my hand. I’ve heard family stories of my grandmother or great-aunt wielding a pistol after some man has done her wrong. Read more...


Scrap Papers: John Lewis—A Beacon for Voting Rights Continues to Shine
By Sheryl Wright
Many of us are familiar with “Bloody Sunday,”—a seminal day in the lead-up to President Johnson’s signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. On that day, March 7, 1965, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), then the head of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, was beaten by state troopers as he helped lead a voting rights march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama. Read more...

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Scrap Papers: Domestic Violence Offenders Thou Art Loosed by Tightened Purse Strings 

With many state and city governments facing the most severe financial crises since the Great Depression and the anticipated cuts in federal spending as a result of the ongoing debt-ceiling negotiations, the Topeka City Council voted to repeal its domestic violence law in an effort to cut costs. According to The Pew Center on the States, the federal government provides one out of every three dollars that state and local governments spend. Slashing federal spending impacts government on all levels; state and local government is responsible for providing many of the services that directly affect our daily lives. Read more...


Scrap Papers: What Paul Ryan Means When He Says “Class Warfare”

Republicans, like Paul Ryan, have said Warren Buffet’s call to have the super-rich pay the same tax rate as other Americans is class warfare. When Ryan says “class warfare” he’s not imagining angry proletariat mobs taking to the street or even the recent civil disobedience protests down on Wall Street. Ryan and his ilk are very concerned about big, bad government waging war against the super-wealthy. Read more...


Link Round-Up: Obama’s Mojo

The season premiere of Extreme Makeover Home Edition featured surprise guest Michelle Obama. The First Lady applauded the work of Barbara Marshall who helps homeless women veterans and their families in Fayetteville, NC get back on their feet. Michelle Obama’s approval ratings are still sky high. President Obama’s approval ratings are in the dumps, but it looks like he might be getting his mojo back.

So is Obama getting his mojo back? What can we do to keep the spring in his step and the pressure on Congress to deal with the economy in a substantive, rather than obstructionist, way?  


Scrap Papers: Why Is This Death Important?

Lawrence Brewer (March 13, 1967-September 21, 2011)Ernest J. Gaines’ Lesson Before Dying tells us that in the face of an unjust conviction, our strength lies in facing the punishment with dignity. Troy Davis, convicted of the 1989 murder of undercover officer Marc MacPhail in Savannah, GA, was sentenced to death. Davis explored every avenue of appeal, resulting in three stays of execution and an historic decision by the Supreme Court paving the way for a hearing to prove his innocence. Read more...


RIP Troy Davis 

Troy Davis (October 6, 1968 - September 21, 2011)Like many around the world, I watched Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! as she stood outside the prison in Jackson, Georgia, covering the execution (some may call it a lynching) by lethal injection. I fell asleep last night after hearing reporters repeat Troy Davis's last words, “God bless your souls.” This morning I feel defeated. Is there no escaping, no hope of overcoming our arrogance, cruelty, and malicious ignorance?

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