NEW Let's Have That Conversation: Cognitive Dissonance
Sunday, August 20, 2017 at 11:07AM

The Pickaninny Papers “Let’s Have That Conversation” is back! We spoke recently about cognitive dissonance--that discomfort we feel when holding two contradictory values at once. We loved Wonder Woman but were dismayed to learn that Steven Mnuchin--Trump supporter and our current U.S. Secretary of the Treasury--was one of the executive producers. We feel some tension in these situations because something we have learned doesn’t align with our values or who we think we are. Thinking about those moments of dissonance, how do they challenge who we think we are? Are we not “woke” or part of the resistance because we gave money to see a film funded by a Trump supporter who is cashing in big on this film? Where do we draw the line?

Listen in as we discuss how we justify continuing to enjoy, value or believe something that does not align with our values and who we think we are as “good people” and “feminists” and how we navigate dealing with cognitive dissonance.

Listen in here.

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