All People for Racial Equity… Adventures in Organizing
Sunday, April 2, 2017 at 12:04PM

By Phillip Rowland-Seymour


Last summer my wife, two kids, and two eighteen-year-old cats relocated from Baltimore, MD to a suburb of Cleveland, OH. In the last three months, we lost our cats. I'd like to think that our Persian and Siamese cats, brown and white, were waiting until we were settled, to transition from the earth - they waited until we reached this racially harmonious suburb. In the last fifty years, the suburb has received notoriety for its history of racial tolerance (not objecting to the presence of anyone based on their race, at a minimum) and a need for racial equality (an equal regard to people of all races, at its best). Recently, a group of neighborhood residents have been meeting to help move beyond racial tolerance and racial equality, to promote racial equity (acknowledging the unconscious bias and historical inequalities) and support opportunity for all. I am a proud member of this group. We are social justice warriors. read more...

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