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Why The Pickaninny Papers?

      Pickaninny is an embrace of the courage, curiosity, resilience, and playfulness of childhood. Most people are familiar with “pickaninny” as a derogatory term. Prior to its negative connotation, pickaninny was a generic name for a black child. Pickaninny comes from the Portuguese pequenino meaning “very small” or “tiny.

      We are inspired by the dignified defiance of Ruby Bridges, the first black child to desegregate an elementary school. As a result of her courage and the courage of the many other children involved in transforming the nation, we have had the freedom to express ourselves in ways that they could not.

In a world which is often overwhelming and full of noise, we are creating a space where ideas can be developed and plans of action can be constructed. We aim to be on the forefront of change—challenging the larger interests that promote gender violence, mindless consumerism, misogynoir, homophobia, trans-antagonism, xenophobia, ableism, and apathy within our community.

     Papers represents our archive, the legacy of our thoughts, deeds, and the lives we’ve lived as women, black people, American citizens, and humans.


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