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Do you permit comments? What are the rules?

Encouraging active engagement in our democracy is a part of our mission. We are open to comments from our readers. In a democracy people are free to disagree and we expect readers to disagree with some of the things that we say. In fact, there are times when we disagree with each other. One thing we always agree on, however, is the importance of maintaining thoughtful and respectful dialogue; abusive language and personal attacks will not be tolerated. We will not hesitate to edit or delete such comments and if it becomes necessary, we will turn comments to approval-only. Please do not make us do that.

 We also ask that comments remain on-topic. There is nothing more annoying than when someone uses the space to discuss something that is totally unrelated to the topic at hand. Oh yeah…we find it equally annoying when people use the comments section to set up shop.

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